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The incredible mansion that Sophie Turner and her husband recently put up for sale

One of showbiz’s most power couples, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner , seem to have captured a classic case of celebrity real estate fickleness. Despite buying it a little over a year ago for $11 million, the pop star (and reality competition judge) and hit Game of Thrones actress have jacked up the sale of their incredible oceanfront mansion in the 1980s in an upscale Miami enclave on the market for nearly $17 million

Sophie Turner and her husband moved to Miami from Los Angeles, where they sold an Encino mansion for $15.2 million to superstar DJ Zedd, and settled in the Bay Point neighborhood. Residents of the sector include singer-songwriter Enrique Inglesias and retired tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas ‘ home spans nearly 10,500 square feet, with half a dozen bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms. Marketing material suggests that the house “recalls the legendary creations of Frank Lloyd Wright.” And it has some of the architect’s signature hallmarks, such as carefully chosen organic materials used in innovative and unexpected ways, and light-filled, airy spaces with huge windows that allow easy switching between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sophie Turner and her husband put a price tag of $17 million on an amazing recently purchased Miami mansion

The couple hired interior designer Sarah Ivory to revamp the place. The fountain features at the coral-walled atrium entrance have been replaced with lush tropical vertical gardens, and a gold-toned amoebic coffee table and a low-slung, deep-tufted coffee table. Furnishings draped in rich jewel-toned fabrics, all set atop a plum silk rug beneath a lavender crystal chandelier, were used as plush sheets for the massive double-sided coral stone fireplace and frieze. geometric woodwork graces the 30-foot-high living room.

It wasn’t revealed why Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas decided to sell so soon after moving in , so who knows if they plan to buy again in Miami, move back to Los Angeles, or maybe even move to Turner’s native England. Whatever they do, for now they still have a place in Manhattan to call home, a three-bedroom loft in Nolita that they bought in 2018 for $5.6 million and unsuccessfully tried to sell in 2020, first for $6.5 million, then $5.9 million. and finally at $5.4 million before it was withdrawn from the market.

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