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The incredible transformation of Kerr Smith 20 years after Dawson’s Creek

As Jack McPhee, Kerr Smith , made a splash on the US teen series ‘ Dawson’s Creek ‘ . What’s interesting about his time on the show is that even though Kerr played a 16-year-old boy, he was already 26 at the time. But even more notable than Smith’s age at the time (almost all of the actors played someone younger than his actual age) was that he had one of the first television performances on the show, notes FactMonster.

Early in the series, Jack is perhaps dating Joey, aka Katie Holmes (but even James van der Beek agrees that Joey and Pacey are a perfect match). But in the third season of ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Jack has his ‘coming out’ scene and then makes out with Ethan (Adam Kauffman). It’s been 20 years since that epic moment, but as NBC reported, Kerr Smith said he knew the moment was pivotal and aimed to give it due justice. And, Smith explained in 2019, he’s glad he did, even though the script moment was “intense.”

What did Kerr Smith do after the end of ‘Dawson’s Creek’? He didn’t leave the Hollywood scene, that’s for sure. In fact, he enjoyed a role in ‘Charmed,’ starred in a movie with Katherine Heigl, was the ultimate joker in ‘Punk’d,’ and had a longer role in ‘Unexpected Life. Smith has also been in ‘The Fosters’ and ‘Riverdale.’ And it’s his recent role in the cult classic that led the tabloids to dub him the “silver fox.”

Actor Kerr Smith has his own holistic health and wellness business

Yes, like the rest of the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ cast, including Katie Holmes, who has undergone a total transformation, Kerr Smith has aged a bit ! He doesn’t really look like he’s approaching fifty, though he’s a little less recognizable as Jack these days. Although he has dyed his hair for ‘Riverdale’, it seems that Kerr is turning silver naturally, although he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

It may be all that acting that keeps Kerr Smith going. Though he also keeps busy off set with skiing, mountain biking and gardening. Not to mention, he co-owns a “holistic health and wellness business” with his second wife, Lisa . Perhaps those holistic approaches to aging are the actor’s secret to looking as young as he did in his ‘Dawson’s Creek’ days. It doesn’t really seem like Kerr is slowing anything down, even though ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is 20 years in the past. He may not be as well known as stars like Katie Holmes or James van der Beek, but he has carved out a place for himself (and his acting talent) in the industry.


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