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The incredible truth about the sad childhood of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York

Although marrying a prince is one of the things fairy tales are made of, Sarah Ferguson (and now Megan Markle) can tell you that’s not really the case. Ferguson was often bullied by the press, but she was also shamed by other royals after she made some very public mistakes. “You don’t think about it because you’re so in love, but for the rest of your life you’ll always be scrutinized. You’ll live your life under a microscope,” Ferguson once explained. Unfortunately, she and Prince Andrew eventually divorced, making the Duchess’s life even more difficult under that microscope.

However, as Sarah Ferguson said in 2021, “I have to be aware that trying to be perfect is no longer necessary and being Sarah is enough.” While Ferguson has seemingly found peace these days, she had to overcome many obstacles and heartbreak to get there and it all started in the early years of her life.

Sarah Ferguson’s heartbreak could be said to have started at a young age, as she had a troubled upbringing apparently caused by her mother. Ferguson opened up about their difficult relationship “She used to hit me because I wouldn’t sit on my potty or eat, a pull to the center of my head near my red hair.” Apparently, her mother even made fun of those attributes, telling her: ” ‘You have the sign of the devil. I’m going to beat that devil!'”

Susan Mary Wright changed her name to Susan Barrantes after leaving her daughter Sarah Ferguson and going to Argentina

However, Sarah Ferguson , the Duchess of York, was still completely devastated when her mother moved to Argentina with her new husband after her parents divorced. She explained, “My whole soul and she’s gone. I thought it was my fault, of course it was. She barely contacted me.” Ferguson then resorted to eating to feel comfortable, which began her lifelong struggle with food. “I became a compulsive eater from the age of 12 and squashed the feelings,” she revealed. Even before her mother’s departure, Ferguson felt bad about her appearance. “I was raised to believe that I was a monster,” she said.

Both of Ferguson’s parents have since died, her mother suddenly in a car accident in 1998. Sarah Ferguson expressed how she had forgiven her mother in a letter she wrote decades after her untimely death.

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