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The real reason why the famous actor Keanu Reeves chose not to have children

While some may believe that having children is easier for stars because they can surround themselves with nannies and assistants, there are other things to consider as well. And some people in the entertainment industry have been very open about their thoughts on not just having and raising children, but the entire philosophy behind it, something that actor Keanu Reeves  has his take on.

Since the beginning of his career in the mid-’80s, actor Keanu Reeves has always entertained audiences with his versatility, talent, and good looks. Not to mention, he has also garnered a great deal of praise and attention for being one of the most down-to-earth and humble celebrities in Hollywood. But his life has also been marred by more tragedies than one should have in a lifetime, including the stillbirth of his son in 2000.

Not long after, the boy’s mother, actress Jennifer Syme, was killed in a horrific car accident. Over the years, it’s been speculated that these tragedies explain why star Keanu Reeves doesn’t have children and why his relationships since then haven’t been highlighted in the press.

Keanu Reeves is very clear about his position on having children

In an interesting 2017 interview with Esquire, actor Keanu Reeves touched on the subject of fatherhood, saying, “I’m 52 years old. I’m not having kids.” However, later in the same article, the star reflected on aging and the passage of time. ” Where did the time go? How come things are changing? How much time do I have left? What didn’t I do? ”

Two years later, press reports reported that acclaimed actor Keanu Reeves was seen holding hands with visual artist Alexandra Grant, and fans couldn’t have been happier for them. The couple continues together, happy and with apparent engagement and wedding plans. And of course, Keanu Reeves can always change his mind about having kids. At this point, he wouldn’t be the oldest dad in Hollywood but he would be one of the most beloved and funniest.


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