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The strange powers that Queen Elizabeth II had that King Carlos III will now have

From controlling what the British can eat to their right to engage in modern day piracy, these are the strange and unusual powers that the British royal family, led by Queen Elizabeth II and now King Charles III, continue to wield over their people.

Hunting or even harming a swan is considered treason and could get one of Her Majesty’s subjects in trouble with the law, the graceful species has been officially recognized as the property of the monarchy in Britain since 1482, now King Charles III himself you can still eat one whenever you want . However, the roast swan has not been on the menu at Buckingham Palace for several years, as modern royals remain dedicated to protecting them. Similarly, any whale and dolphin that wanders through British waters, the sturgeon is considered a “royal fish” and must be offered to the queen or king if caught.

Queen Elizabeth II holds the position of ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’, retaining the right to advise the Prime Minister on the appointment of deans, bishops and even archbishops. Basically, she controls all 12,600 parishes in Great Britain . A non-faith royal marriage was illegal in the UK for hundreds of years, though the rules were relaxed in 2015. Now her son King Charles III is left in charge of this power.

Queen Elizabeth II and King Carlos III have authority over swans and can eat them

In Britain, the reigning monarch is the only person who is completely immune from prosecution , meaning she can pretty much do whatever she wants without worrying about repercussions. In such a scenario, unlikely as it may be, it would be the queen’s ministers who would end up in court facing prosecution, not Her Majesty herself. This power was exercised in 2007, when the investigation into Princess Diana’s death finally began a decade after she died in a horrific car accident in Paris. There were rumors that the queen would be asked to testify in her own court after she allegedly told former butler Paul Burrell that the beloved princess may have been the victim of “powers at work in this country of which we are unaware ,” but it never happened.

The royals not only have the power to command ships to give to the British armed forces, but they also have the power to command the armed forces themselves. Freedom of information requests have shown that the royal family has had the final say on numerous bills passed through parliament in recent decades, with the Queen and now- King Charles III taking advantage of a little-known law that gives them the last word. word on issues affecting the duchy of Lancaster and the duchy of Cornwall.

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