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The truth behind the rumors about the relationship between Jason Momoa and Amber Heard

A few months ago it was rumored that Jason Momoa had a poor image of Amber Heard in spite of having actually collaborated, which he also made fun of the actress after losing her test versus Johnny Depp, this ended up being totally false considering that according to The Hollywood Reporter, the actors were so close that the possibility of a charming relationship was even presumed.

All of it began throughout the recordings of the 2nd Aquaman flick, and the truth is that the actors shared extra scenes than in the initial movie, as well as much more intimate ones as well. They became so close that they visited each other regularly and shared their personal troubles.

Jason Momoa appeared in defense of Amber Heard on a number of celebrations against the manufacturers, and also it is that they wished to totally get rid of the starlet from the movie. The actor is claimed to have actually encountered the producers as well as this obviously caused his termination from the collection too, although he did obtain a brand-new agreement with DC.

Jason Momoa as well as Amber Heard’s relationship increased suspicions

Concerning the rumors involving an affective relationship with Amber Heard after Jason Momoa’s separation with Lisa Bonet, various media outlets assert that in fact the actor was entirely ruined and also Amber was a column in the situation. According to records, the artists were really close although Jason recognized much better than to go public.

After shedding the trial versus Johnny Depp, Amber Heard left the United States for Europe as well as Jason Momoa continued with his life, so if there was any kind of kind of romance, evidently it did not take place, in addition to sharing his miseries in love. Up until currently, it has not been validated if Eiza and also the manufacturer have a relationship past friendship, yet what is clear is that Jason Momoa went down in the starlet’s background.

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