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The untold truth about Lucien Laviscount and his Emily in Paris co-star

Lucien Laviscount is a British actor, best known for his portrayal of Jonah Kirby in the popular BBC One drama ‘Waterloo Road’. He reached a global audience in 2021 as a recurring character of Alfie in season 2 of the hit Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’, a production that has made him internationally visible.

Lucien Laviscount has been labeled the internet’s new sweetheart and the actor is flattered and credits the writing team for this honour. “Honestly, he’s a bit more chaotic, I’m not going to lie, but obviously I take it all in stride. It really is amazing to be a part of a show of this kind that touches so many different countries and cultures and different people of all ages and different walks of life and to be able to spread a little bit of joy. Yes, it’s nice. It’s a nice feeling.”

Although tension can be present on film sets, this is not the case for Lucien Laviscount starting with his relationship with his co-star, the beautiful Lily Collins ‘”It’s great. She’s also producing and has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, but it comes to the set and you don’t feel that. He’s always professional, he always knows his lines, he always hits the mark. She is educated, she is generous to everyone and generous as an actress and it is a real pleasure to work with her. And honestly, it makes it so much easier to come on set and there’s no ego with her and I’d be happy to read the lines, she’s just there to help and be supportive, which is unique. In fact, it’s sad to say, but it’s unique to work with an actress like that, to work with any actor who really is that generous. And it’s a real joy and we get to explore Paris like no one else with this show, the locations, the trips within France that we can take and things like that. So it’s great that you can also do that with a friend.”

The chemistry between Lucien Laviscount and Lily Collins is the result of great admiration and respect

The working relationship is so close and the respect that Lucien Laviscount feels for Lily Collins is so close that he considers her part of his family, “ A big sister, honestly . I think from Season 2 coming on set, I went to the table to read and be the new kid on the block… It’s season 2, the show has been an incredible phenomenon and then you come in as this new guy. of character. He was only supposed to do three episodes.”

Lucien Laviscount is happy with the reception of his character and with Collins’ work “And I’m here now, which is incredible. But she is so honest and truthful in everything she does. She is genuine. And being able to dance with her is a gift. She is a rock star. She is the most charming person ”.


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