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The viral products and tricks so that makeup lasts 24 hours but does not sit on the skin

Although the vast majority of us do not vary our makeup every day and reserve experimentation with trends such as full-color eye shadows or intense lipsticks worn by models, actresses, and influencers for the weekend, what we do want is to go home with a look as similar as possible to the one we wore when we went out. Contrary to what many of us might think, applying more product to achieve it is not the answer, in fact, expert makeup artists advocate less is more when it comes to extending the durationand they also recommend a skin preparation that allows the formulas to be applied effectively and last for hours with little alteration. To help you always be prepared during the day, however long it may be, we discover the professional tips, cosmetics and viral tricks that work best.

Primer, the step that changes everything

After finishing the daily care routine -which should always end with sunscreen-, there is a product that not everyone considers essential but which makeup artists turn to to ensure impeccable duration and application. We are talking about the primer and Dior has just launched two new exceptional formulas that allow you to choose between different finishes: Dior Forever Glow Veil provides a radiant veil on the skin that remains intact for 24 hours , and also treatment thanks to its 97% naturally derived ingredients such as iris, pansy and red hibiscus extracts; and Dior Forever Velvet Veil Smoothes blemishes and blurs the appearance of wrinkles or expression lines for a smooth, matte finish that lasts all day. Price: 50 euro

The glass of water trick

This technique became so viral on TikTok that the feed was filled with the astonished faces of those who mixed their foundation with water -some even with a milk frother-, and as a result achieved pluperfect coverage, an absolute blurring effect and , the most important thing in the case at hand, a product with greater durability and resistance to water . So many people got curious and wanted to try the technique for themselves that it’s hard to know who did it first, but the truth is that the network has thousands of satisfied users.

How to make cream makeup last longer

Creamy formulas that blend perfectly with the skin and achieve makeup that looks natural are in fashion and there are few that have not already been made with a blush of this type with which to put the “W” technique into practice. “. Foundation, concealer, bronzer or highlighter are also chosen in this texture, although the collateral damage is that the look is more transferable and less durable than when you opt for powder . Once again, the networks have found the solution to the problem and all it takes is a setting spray and knowing the exact moment to spray it.

The technique that extends the duration of cream makeup is simple: after applying each product and before blending it, a fixing formula is sprayed, which is also used to moisten the sponge or brush before proceeding to extend the blush, concealer or makeup. illuminator. An ideal choice is Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray Vitamin C , a different take on its acclaimed classic formula that achieves a luminous, hydrated finish thanks to its blend of vitamin C and cactus water. In addition, it ensures an impeccable duration of 16 hours. Price: 32.99 euros

Seal the skin before

That translucent powders, or those of the same color as the base, extend the duration of makeup is not new; What does sound less familiar to us is a viral trick that changes the moment in which they would normally be used : they are applied with a large brush all over the face after finishing the care ritual, then a fixing spray is sprayed on and from here it is continued with the foundation, the concealer, the eye shadows or the blush.

We propose you any of the Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powders , both the “Loose” in loose powder form or the “Pressed” for those who prefer compacts. In addition to its formula with glycerin and antioxidant vitamin E that fixes the look throughout the day with a very light finish , also because it reflects light, achieving that much-desired “good face effect”. We also do not forget its variety of tones that goes from translucent to “very dark”. Price: 41 euros

very thin layers

Layering is a technique originating in South Korea (always at the forefront of beauty trends) that consists of applying a thin layer of product, waiting for it to be fully absorbed, and then moving on to the next one. It is also the trick used by make-up artists backstage when models have to parade or pose in very hot temperatures or temperatures that can spoil the look. When it comes to amounts, less is more when it comes to avoiding excessive accumulations in problem areas such as the nasal wings or the creases of the eyelids.

The sun protection dilemma

Come sun, rain, snow or shine, the layer of sun protection is non-negotiable according to dermatologists and also the best insurance to combat premature aging or the appearance of serious diseases. One of the reasons why many say they avoid it is the greasy or heavy finish that it leaves on the face and that reduces the duration of makeup; an excuse that no longer works if we look at the latest generation formulas that melt instantly on the skin, leaving a sensation of absolute lightness.

An example? PREVAGE® City Smart Moisturizing Shield SPF 50 , by Elizabeth Arden. A formula that falls in love with those who try it due to the “filter effect” it achieves on the skin thanks to its perfecting finish that visibly improves it. In addition to its superficial benefits, it is also capable of counteracting 98% of UVB rays and its powerful cocktail of antioxidants makes it suitable care for highly polluted cities. All this through an ultra-light texture, invisible in plain sight and with moisturizing properties. Price: 67 euros

And it is that, the key to finding the ideal sunscreen to wear under makeup sometimes involves looking for formulas designed for the city, as is XPERTSUN Urban SPF50+ , from Singuladerm. In this case, physical and chemical filters are combined to combat damage from the sun’s rays and polluting agents; in addition to its Neøclair Pro™, a biomimetic peptide that is inspired by the antioxidant power of green tea to promote the skin’s own natural detoxification and anti-oxidation process.

Finally, we propose an alternative to photoprotective fluids in the form of a compact brush with powders included, such as PerfecTint Powder SPF 40 , from iS Clinical. This cosmetic enriched with Extremozyme®, an enzyme that acts as a shield between DNA and environmental factors that cause stress , is available in different colors to make it another step in the makeup routine. Of course, applying it to the entire face and neck will be essential to ensure effective protection. Price: 91 euros

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