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They confirm the danger that stalked Queen Elizabeth II even after her death

If the members of royalty have generated anything throughout their existence, it is the curiosity and fanaticism of the population. There is a certain fascination to know what they do in their daily lives, how they live, what they eat, and they reach the point of exceeding the established limits, violating the laws , with the aim of having one last contact with a real member. Just as it happened during Queen Elizabeth ‘s funeral , alerting the highest ranks of security.

A senior parliamentary official has revealed that Westminster security chiefs had to stop obsessive fans trying to gain access to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral services in September 2022. Parliament security director Alison Giles recounted how people with a “fixation” they were “managed” to prevent them from viewing the late monarch’s coffin in the run-up to her funeral.

Addressing the Royal United Services Institute think tank, Ms Giles was asked about preventing “haunted individuals” trying to target MPs on Westminster property. Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe told him: “People become obsessed with public figures – it can’t be easy to spot these people visiting the property or anywhere else.” Ms Giles said: “Absolutely, and we saw that quite a bit during the idle state, that we had to deal with obsessed people trying to gain access.”

Security officers worked to guard the body of Queen Elizabeth

Ms Giles recounted how Westminster security officers worked with the Fixed Threat Assessment Center (FTAC) to block potential suspects from Westminster Hall who wanted access to Queen Elizabeth’s body. According to the UK National Health Service (NHS), the FTAC “is a joint police and mental health unit established in October 2006 by the Home Office, the Department of Health and the Police Service. Metropolitan to assess and manage the risk of politicians, members of the British royal family and other public figures of obsessive individuals”.

Ms Giles said: “They advise us and we work with them.” It is this kind of sick behavior that has led to murders , including those of Labor MP Jo Cox in June 2016 and Conservative MP Sir David Amess in October 2021. Both were killed in their constituencies by lone attackers. How difficult would it be for one of these lone attackers to make it to Queen Elizabeth’s body? Or attack a member of royalty?


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