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This is how Hugh Jackman remembers the funny way he greeted Queen Elizabeth II

Numerous Hollywood celebs allowed fans of Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of 96 on September 8 after 70 years on the British throne. However, only a handful of them, of which the star Hugh Jackman stands out, that was fortunate adequate to have satisfied her Majesty.

Hugh Jackman was one of those well-known stars that met the queen, and also on more than one event: “We met twice”, he disclosed to BBC Radio 1 in 2019, before recalling a funny tale of the first time he fulfilled Her Majesty. “It’s one of my favorite tales I have not told in 20 years.” This is what took place when the “Logan” star satisfied the late queen.

Hugh Jackman’s initial conference with Queen Elizabeth II occurred in April 1999, when he sang on “Oklahoma!” as part of the Royal Command Performance. At the time, it was a public holiday in his Australian hometown, where the whole country was commemorating the queen’s birthday, according to the star. But to his shock (and his entertainment) her Majesty had no idea such a celebration existed.

“When he finally approached me, I was introduced as an Australian. She said, ‘Oh, an Australian.’ “I said yes, I am. Ma’am, today in Australia we celebrate her birthday celebration,” Jackman remembered on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” in 2003. “Really?’ As well as she looked at all of her helpers, ‘Is that real?’ And they all said yes.” He went on to want the queen a delighted birthday celebration in behalf of her individuals. “She stated, ‘Well, thanks.’ And that was it and I went on,” Jackman added.

This is how Hugh Jackman remembers the funny way he greeted Queen Elizabeth II

The 2nd time Hugh Jackman fulfilled the Queen remained in October 2011, before her 11-day royal excursion of Australia. The star was one of the few Australians to be welcomed to a farewell reception organized by Her Majesty and her husband, Prince Philip, at Buckingham Palace. Jackman was joined by model Elle Macpherson as well as “Neighbours” star Jason Donovan.

Speaking concerning his 2nd meeting with the majesty, Jackman disclosed:” She was talking about the trip, concerning traveling. Jackman also admitted that he was fairly nervous concerning being in the imperial palace.

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