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This is how Queen Margarita of Denmark suffered the envy of her own husband

We are amazed by Prince Harry’s attitude and some consider it a dishonesty of his family members, yet it is not the first time that a member of nobility tosses an outburst and also generates conflicting point of views. Queen Margrethe of Denmark wed a French mediator, Count Henrik de Laborde de Monpezat on June 10, 1967, at Holmen Church in Copenhagen. Upon weding the Queen, as she occurred to Philip of Edinburgh, Henry or Henrik of Denmark became a prince consort, not a king, as is conventional for men married to women queens.

Regardless of the number of years as well as the kids formed in the terrific marriage, Prince Henrik of Denmark showed his grudge against his better half till the last day for not offering him the title of King consort.” It makes me upset that they subject me to discrimination,” he informed the French paper Le Figaro. “Denmark, additionally referred to as a passionate fan of sex equal rights, is apparently going to consider other halves worth less than their wives.”

The issue came to a head on New Year’s Day 2002, when, in the lack of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, the pair’s son Crown Prince Frederik held a reception at the palace. Feeling belittled as well as benched to 3rd location in the power structure of the Danish royal family members, Henrik left Denmark as well as went to live at the couple’s building in the south of France, Château de Caïx. For many years I have been number two in Denmark”, said.

Queen Margrethe and also her husband were wed for 51 years

In 2017 it was announced that the Danish royal, married to Queen Margrethe, would certainly not be hidden next to his other half after her death in Denmark’s Roskilde Cathedral, as prepared. The choice is a straight outcome of Henrik’s longstanding anger over the truth that he was a prince consort and not a king.

Lastly in 2018, after pneumonia, Prince Henrik of Denmark attained in death what he longed for in life: he was dealt with like a king. As church bells of grieving pealed across the nation, cannons fired in the final salute in front of the Christiansborg Palace church in Copenhagen. But he kept his zealous word, the ceremony being executed appreciating his wish not to be buried in a tomb gotten ready for him and also Queen Margrethe of Denmark in Roskilde Cathedral. Instead, his ashes were spread. His widow wept bitterly for the man who constantly felt inferior to his greatness.

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