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This is how the most unpleasant moment for Ellen Pompeo happened on the set of Grey’s Anatomy

The medical TV show Grey’s Anatomy made screen history, yet it likewise made headlines for its behind-the-scenes dramatization, much of it today kept in mind as straight-out scandals.

Ellen Pompeo thrived in the dramatization series for her extraordinary efficiency, however the stress on the set was so much that even she had some issues with actors participants, yet the one that posed a genuine danger to her acting occupation was a conflict with, absolutely nothing even more and also absolutely nothing less than with the director of the series.

On an episode of her podcast, Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo, the actress disclosed that she when had a befalling with famous actor Denzel Washington, when he was guiding an episode that broadcast in February 2016. “He said sorry to me, but he was doing really delicately. He made this decision to talk extremely softly. As well as she was angry that I needed to sit there and listen to this apology,” Ellen Pompeo remembered. And also she wouldn’t look me in the eye. Again, we enjoy actors that choose. And also I chewed out him, I resembled, ‘Look at me! Look at me when you say sorry! Which was not in the dialogue.

Ellen Pompeo and also Denzel Washington argued on set

Denzel was not happy with Ellen Pompeo’s attitude. “He resembled, ‘I’m the supervisor. Do not inform him what to do,'” the starlet claimed. But Pompeo was not daunted by Washington, she stated. “And I resembled, ‘pay attention motherfucker, this is my show. This is my set. That are you telling? You rarely recognize where the shower room is,'” she continued.

“Any setup, unless it’s a funny … it’s an emotional area and there’s enthusiasm and also there’s fire there,” said Ellen Pompeo. And also he’s one of the best to do it,” said Ellen Pompeo. It seems that to record Grey’s Anatomy the stars had to encounter numerous obstacles that were not considered in the script.

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