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This is the disease that Mary Mouser, the actress of Sam LaRusso in Cobra Kai, fights

Mary Mouser is not a novice in front of the cameras, she began her career at the age of five when she was chosen as a photo-double for the character of Abigail Breslin in Signs, she is a prominent voice actress, doing voices for animated films such as Pompoko, Bambi 2 and Tarzan 2, to later begin his participation in various television series.

Before starring in “ Cobra Kai ” as Sam, the daughter of Daniel LaRusso, the actress appeared in “Criminal Minds”, an American crime drama series. She played Rebecca Farland, a 16-year-old girl who, along with her brother Andy (Kasey Campbell), was kidnapped by her uncle Benton (Travis Caldwell), a murderer.

Mary is also a content creator, she has her own YouTube channel with more than 440,000 subscribers. She publishes a wide variety of videos such as: tutorials, storytimes and blogs, it was through an emotional video on this channel that she confessed to her followers that she has suffered from type one diabetes since she was 13 years old.

The Cobra Kai actress confesses to having experienced some hard moments and is on the verge of tears.

Weight loss, increased appetite and constant and excessive dehydration were some of the symptoms that set off alarm bells for Mary Mouser’s parents, as explained in her video , a girl who got sick every week, medical tests revealed that her level of blood sugar was 565, so she was urgently taken to an endocrinologist, since then she has taken care of her diet and has been receiving treatment to continue smiling at life and showing us her best performances


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