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This is the new YouTube series of Mike and Zara, the son-in-law and daughter of Princess Ana

Mike Tindall  will appear on January 24 with his wife, Princess Anne ‘s daughter ,  Zara Tindall  in a new series called Mike Drop, on YouTube. It revolves around several  interviews, in which the former rugby player talks with big names in the horse riding world , including Zara, 41, who is a renowned equestrian and Olympian. Mike, 44, partnered for the series through the Magic Millions horse auction business channel, of which Zara is a sponsor. In a sneak peek for an episode, Mike and Zara share a cheeky look and greet each other by saying, “Hello, honey.”

As a curiosity, it is known that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the famous Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, use the same term of affection in public as the son-in-law and daughter of Princess Anne. In the new production, Mike smiles at his wife, shakes the interview notes at her and quips, “Welcome to my world,” to which Zara rolls her eyes, smiles, and shakes her head.

Mike, who is also a former star of the show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, will also interview Magic Millions’ Gerry Harvey in the trailer that opens with a herald blowing a trumpet on an Australian beach in a light touch of royal pomp. However some point out that Zara’s cousin and Princess Anne’s nephew Prince Harry filmed a similar sketch before an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show in the US. 

Zara and Mike, daughter and son-in-law of Princess Ana, premiere a new program on YouTube

In the Mike Drop preview , which streams in its entirety on YouTube on January 24 , Zara praises Magic Millions. Princess Anne’s daughter says: “The people – organizers Gerry Harvey and Katie Paige – are bringing together, the different sports they are involved in, all the disciplines are reaping the benefits of their support and their passion and their love of horses.” .

On his YouTube channel, Magic Millions, Princess Anne’s son-in-law and Zara’s husband hails the series as a “world first.” He says: “For the first time in the world, Magic Millions and Mike Tindall today announced their new interview series, titled Mike Tindall’s Mike Drop.” Tindall’s interview list comes from all over the world with a common passion: horses. The first personality to sit down with the couple will be Olympic silver medalist, Patron of Magic Millions Racing Women, an advocate for the equine industry.


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