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This is what the actor David Castaneda looked like, before his success in the series The Umbrella Academy

With the great success of The Umbrella Academy series, many want to know more about one of its main characters: who is David Castaneda ? Well, David Castaneda is a star, and he may be reaching a new level of fame thanks to his role as “Diego Hargreeves”, with which he is definitely stealing all the scenes in the series. But David has been acting for years.

David Castaneda was born on October 24, 1989, in the city of Los Angeles, but he spent his entire childhood and pre-adolescence in the city of Sinaloa, Mexico; which makes him fluent in Spanish. At the age of 14, he returned to live in the United States, to attend high school, and eventually continue with his university studies.

As in many of the stories one finds in Hollywood, David Castaneda started out studying Civil Engineering at university with the goal of eventually taking over the family business , but somewhere along the way he became interested in directing, and that’s when he majored in film production and international business at California State University, Fullerton.

And after a fluke, he switched to acting: In a room full of potential directors, a director teaching a seminar at the University of California Media Arts Festival needed an actor to direct. Only one person volunteered. Since then, David Castaneda, that one volunteer, has shifted his focus from working behind the camera to working in front of the camera.

“Since (the seminar) I literally took acting as number one and film production as number two,” said David Castaneda. From that point on, a young David moved into acting and began auditioning for roles. He studied part-time while pursuing an acting career, eventually graduating in 2015.

At 24 years old, David Castaneda landed a job playing Jorge, a nurse practitioner on the ABC Family series Switched at Birth; which went on to be a recurring role in the third season as one of Daphne’s love interests. He later became known as “Nicolás” in the series “Jane the Virgin” (Juana La Virgen, the US version), as a character with a recurring role in the first season. He is now winning everyone’s hearts with his role on the hit series The Umbrella Academy, and it is clear that his career is only beginning.


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