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Three great celebrities who adored King Carlos III since they first saw him

King Carlos III jumped in and assumed his duties as a monarch wholeheartedly, beginning with a candid statement about the queen’s death. Unfortunately, several viral moments marred his first few weeks on the job and left people wondering if he’s really fit to rule. On the one hand, his temper caused concern, as well as his visible exaggerated frustration, however some say that this is not his true personality. The new King of England has a knack for impressing A-listers, and many people have seen a different side to him that is likely to come as a surprise.

Drew Barrymore had her first brush with royalty when she was just 7 years old, and had the chance to meet Princess Diana and gift her with an ET doll. As he said he will never forget the meeting and how kind Diana was. “It was the most exciting moment for me to meet a real-life princess,” he recalled. But there’s another real moment that you’ll never forget, albeit for very different reasons. In her 2000 meeting with King Carlos III , he saw her make a big mistake. She was invited to dinner and while there, she and her co-star Lucy Liu posed with Carlos and while trying to hug the royal, Barrymore accidentally touched Liu’s chest. The moment was immortalized in a photo, but Barrymore laughed a lot and still remembers the night fondly:

Hillary Clinton has a long personal history with royalty and has enjoyed a good relationship with three generations of the British royal family, beginning with the Queen. The closest bond of hers was with Princess Diana. In 1997, she even received a special invitation to the late princess’s funeral which read “It is the wish of the Spencer family and the royal family that Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton receive a special invitation because of her close personal association with Diana”. As for King Charles , Hillary and Bill Clinton met the royals in 1995 at the funeral of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Hillary claimed that she was a fan of the now King Charles III.. “I like it,” she enthused. “He’s fun and funny, but at the same time he’s serious about a lot of important things, like climate change and the environment.”

Drew Barrymore does not forget his funny encounter with King Carlos III

Rod Stewart is no stranger to royalty, and over the decades he has built a rather special friendship with King Charles III . Case in point: The British rocker was asked to headline Charles’ 60th birthday party in 2008. He’s also been a long-time ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and in June 2022 was invited to play at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee concert (although it almost didn’t happen after he lost his voice). While promoting his Jubilee performance, the singer said that Carlos is more like a best friend. ” I love it, and my wife absolutely adores it,” he shared, joking, “I think they’re on to something!”

The accolades continued after Charles’ coronation, as Stewart said he believes his friend will make a great king. “He’s had a long apprenticeship and I don’t think William should take over yet ,” he said, adding that he wants King Carlos III to absorb it all and really enjoy it. “This is what he has lived for, this is what he has trained for and he is going to be very good at it,” he mused.


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