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Thus began the rare friendship of actress Nicola Coughlan with a very special celebrity

Facing the camera, Nicola Coughlan is recognized for her notorious on-screen roles, from a Catholic schoolgirl to the daughter of Lord and Lady Featherington. The Irish actress, who plays Clare Devlin in Channel 4’s British comedy series Derry Girls, enjoys a life that is a world apart from her on-screen portrayals. The 35-year-old started out as an aspiring actress trying to break through in Hollywood.

But things have changed dramatically now that Nicola Coughlan’s career has really taken off, and she’s amassed an incredible fortune of roughly £1.6 million, according to AgeNetWorth. Although the talented actress has amassed a great level of fame by becoming a household name, she does have the side effects of it. Nicola explained that people watch her wherever they go now that she stars in Netflix’s hit Bridgerton , which quickly became the biggest show on the streaming platform with 80 million people tuning in.

Nicola Coughlan previously joked that being famous makes her feel like “a dog on the tube,” telling UK ‘Elle’ magazine: “Being famous is like being a dog on the tube. It’s exactly the same energy. When you get on, everyone looks at you. Some people are so smiley, while others are scared of you and don’t want to get close. Some people touch you without asking. I can still do the things I want to do, obviously, but it’s different. I went to the pub [ bar] with my friend a while ago and it was like being an animal in the zoo. People just stared and stared,” he added.

When she’s not being recognized for her esteemed roles, Nicola Coughlan leads a busy life while keeping up with her close celebrity friends. In 2021, the actress opened up about her “rare” friendship with super stylist Jonathan Van Ness after they met through the social network Instagram . Nicola revealed that she immediately fell for her future best friend Jonathan with her after the series Queer Eye just aired on TV. She told People magazine: “I was like, ‘I don’t know who that person is, but I love her.'”

For his part, Jonathan said of his relationship with Nicola Coughlan: “Our friendship really is very special to me because Nicola has been in this industry for a minute and I haven’t, and there have been many times where I had questions and didn’t know what to do. , and I needed feedback. She helped me navigate all kinds of situations I never thought I’d find myself in. It felt like we’d met before. I felt like we’d been friends forever. Then our friend groups just merged,” he added. .

Nicola Coughlan concluded: “The fact that our friends and family know and love each other is incredibly special and it’s rare in the world. It just means so much, honestly.” When she’s not catching up with her friends, the actress is very secretive about her love life and promises to keep her away from the camera, yet it has been reported that she was previously in a relationship with actor Laurie. Kynaston .


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