‘Tiger King’ star Jeff Lowe charged after being arrested for drink driving

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe is facing charges after he and his wife Lauren were arrested for drink driving this weekend.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, the couple were arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning (June 5) in Oklahoma County.

Oklahoma City PD is claiming that both Jeff, who is best known for taking over the zoo previously owned by Joe Exotic, and Lauren were driving at different times before they were pulled over.

The police are alleging that they spotted a white Range Rover pull out of a parking lot at high speed before stopping abruptly after they spotted a police officer nearby.

It is then reported that police saw Lauren lean out of the driver’s side window, yell for help and then exit the driver’s side door, at which point Jeff, who was riding as a passenger, then switched places with her.

The report went on to state that Jeff then started driving himself and pulled into another parking lot; it is at this point that police switched on their lights and pursued the vehicle. Before coming to a stop, it is claimed that Jeff made an illegal lane change without signalling.

Once they were pulled over, OKCPD said they conducted a field sobriety test for Jeff, who they claimed appeared to be intoxicated. They noted that Lauren also appeared drunk, with her speech slurred, among other signs. The pair were arrested and taken to jail around 4am.

Lowe’s arrest comes just weeks after he reportedly had animals seized at his Tiger King Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

According to Lowe, a search and seizure warrant was carried out at the zoo, with the warrant reportedly stipulating that the animals taken away were protected by the Endangered Species Act.

It is understood that the warrant was issued by a federal judge in the Eastern District of Oklahoma.

Last year, the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park ran by Lowe, which was previously owned by Exotic, was shut down permanently.