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Twitter is fooled by wild parody story about Leonardo DiCaprio

Many on Twitter had been fooled by a wild tweet about Leonardo DiCaprio. The Oscar-winning actor used to be outed as a closet Megastar Wars fan this week after Don’t Sight Up co-star Jonah Hill revealed that Leo had pressured him to survey The Mandalorian whereas they had been filming. Despite the indisputable fact that it’s a indisputable fact that the Gargantuan icon loves to binge Minute one Yoda love the relaxation of us, one other Megastar Wars-connected DiCaprio fable that’s going around online correct now positively isn’t.

Satirical Twitter story @LeCinephiles shared a viral comical fable tweet this weekend claiming DiCaprio had made ex-girlfriend Camila Morrone survey the general Megastar Wars film saga whereas he performed around with a toy lightsaber on what the actress and mannequin it appears to be like known as the “worst date of my life.” It’s a hilarious gag, however the downside is that virtually all oldsters don’t realize that it’s inaccurate and are taking the tweet at face cost.

BREAKING: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend, Camila Morrone primary factors the “worst date of my life” with the actor.

“He rented out a whole cinema, and made me survey each single ‘STAR WARS’ film whereas he ran around alongside with his lightsaber pretending to strive against abominable guys.”

— Le Cinéphiles (@LeCinephiles) January 14, 2022

Whereas obviously intended as a comical fable on the expense of DiCaprio’s chilly guy characterize, the tweet of course appears to be like to maintain had the opposite originate than intended because it’s made him even hotter in the eyes of every other individuals.

Alternatively, DiCaprio followers now appear to baying for Morrone’s blood after judging her for her “worst date ever” observation, unaware that this whole tournament beneath no circumstances of course came about in the main keep.

In the pinnacle, the confusion purchased so frequent that Le Cinephiles had to gently remind these that they’re of course a satirical page and the fable used to be bogus.

may perhaps perhaps furthermore merely we please articulate you to our bio

— Le Cinéphiles (@LeCinephiles) January 15, 2022

Whereas it’s in actual fact a tiny bit of disappointing to listen to that DiCaprio doesn’t elevate his girlfriends to Megastar Wars screenings on date nights, the Jonah Hill fable is 100% appropriate, so we are able to consolation ourselves with the knowledge that Leo is a secret sci-fi nerd, finally.

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