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Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo moving in a together after 1 month of dating

“Bachelor” Country’s Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo are full-speed ahead.

After only one month of dating, the two are “already in the process” of moving in together.

” It’s Nashville for us,” Grippo, that lives in New York City, revealed throughout a joint interview on Tuesday’s episode of The Viall Files w/ Nick Viall. “I assume that’s the action that we’re taking now is relocating together.”

When asked about marriage, the former “Bachelorette” participant confessed he sees his connection with Fuller “going that route.”

” I desire that. I understand that’s vital to her,” he claimed. “I wish to have the ability to take that action with her.”

Fuller, that resides in Nashville, exposed Grippo has currently taken a trip to Boston to meet some of her family members which “they like him.”

He’ll be “fulfilling her parents in a couple of weeks” before the pair, both 29, spend Christmas in New Jersey with Grippo’s family members.

He stressed the value of “quadrating each other’s households,” keeping in mind that his own is so “close knit.”

” I want her to be super included with them, as well as I wish to be able to love hers,” he shared.

Fuller verified her love with Grippo just last week on the “Bachelor in Paradise” get-together, urging she “absolutely did not” rip off on Johnny DePhillipo, from whom she had accepted a proposition at the end of the season.

Grippo, that joined his leading woman on phase, discussed both “satisfied in 2014 through mutual friends” however that he didn’t pursue her passionately until after recording for “BiP” had wrapped.

The duo then jetted off to Italy for their first date to avoid ruining the program– a plan that eventually backfired after travelers acknowledged them as well as snapped their photos.

When their secret was out, both decided to throw all care to the wind as well as get matching “ciao” tattoos.

After their large get-together disclose, Fuller divulged that the two already have babies on the brain.

” Greg as well as I are really, very happy now,” the previous “Bachelor” contestant told E! News. “We are simply enjoying having the ability to ultimately be together.”

” We do not know what the future holds,” she added, “but maybe it’s a number of Grippo infants. We’ll see!”

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