Watch bride play drum solo at wedding in specially modified dress

Footage has emerged of a bride playing a drum solo at her wedding, taking advantage of a specially modified dress that allowed her to rock out.

Sharon-Rose got married back in 2019 but video of her performance has only just been uploaded in the past couple of weeks, with thousands of views racking up on YouTube.

According to NowThis, Sharon-Rose is a drum teacher who wanted to show her wedding guests how much “music has always been a huge part” of her relationship with her now-husband, Eric.

The video news channel added that the drummer “had her dress specifically altered” in order to make the performance work [via Kerrang!].

The clip has garnered praise from viewers, with one top comment reading: “I feel badass and inspired just watching her. Something about her, so beautiful in her wedding dress, absolutely owning that set is just perfect. Congratulations! I wish you a long and happy marriage!!”

Elsewhere, on YouTube viewer wrote: “Just like how Lizzo plays her flute like a masterpiece that’s how this awesome bride plays her drums 🥁 👌”, while another said: “Just beautiful, music is on the heart of so many people! She’s an excellent drum player, God Bless her wedding and both couple! ❤️”

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