We Tried Washing Our Hair With Coca-Cola And This is What Happened

We Tried Washing Our Hair With Coca-Cola And Here's What Happened, If it's good enough for Suki Waterhouse.

We Tried Washing Our Hair With Coca-Cola And This is What Happened

We Tried Washing Our Hair With Coca-Cola And This is What Happened

If it is good enough for Suki Waterhouse…

Model and Insurgent actress Suki Waterhouse has actually good hair. Like, the lightly tousled waves that hair dreams are manufactured from. When asked how she will get these good waves, she instructed Us Weekly that she rinses her hair with Coca-Cola. “I do not like my hair when it is washed — it is nice and limp — however Coca-Cola makes it tousled, like I’ve gone via the Amazon or one thing,” she stated. Like, the sticky soda? In your hair? Actually?

Apparently, Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, a really low pH. So if you apply it to your hair, the cuticle tightens, which makes your strands logood enough smoother and your curls logood enough extra outlined. Others say the sugar adds build-up to your hair, making it logood enough fuller.

Never one to shrink back from being a guinea pig within the identify of magnificence, I needed to try it for myself, and I enlisted three different Seventeen.com editors, all with completely different hair textures, to try it with me. As an alternative of utilizing our ordinary shampoo and conditioner, we simply rinsed our hair with Coca-Cola as an alternative. This is what Happened:

1. Liz


Hair Before: My hair is of course wavy, and I am all the time preventing towards frizz. It is nice however there’s lots of it, so I am all the time trying to find that pleased medium between voluminous and flat.

Hair After: Whereas it was definitely softer (bonus!), one aspect of my hair had manner an excessive amount of texture — kind of like I jumped within the ocean and forgot to brush my hair afterwards. Perhaps I poured an excessive amount of Cgood enoughe on that aspect? It was actually shiny, which is a serious plus, however I am questioning if that was solely as a result of rinsing your hair with chilly water helps it shine — and my soda was chilly.

Last Thoughts: I feel this could work higher on somebody with naturally straight, frizz-free hair, who is not preventing with their pure texture.

2. Jelani


Hair Before: I’ve nice, curly, pure hair that’s vulnerable to breakage. It is skinny and wishes product to give it a boost.

Hair After: My hair immediately felt thicker — like, so thick it was virtually like I grew extra hair! I often finger comb my hair, however there was a lot texture (kind of like if you go to the seashore and have all that salt and sand in you are hair), I had to make use of a big tooth comb. My hair togood enough about two hours to fully dry, which is about half the time it usually takes. I used to be apprehensive my hair can be actually dry with none product or leave-in conditioner in it, but it surely felt surprisingly tender. My hair felt so much bigr than regular and actually actually poofy, however my curls have been nonetheless principally outlined.

Last Thoughts: After I togood enough the image above, I made a decision to wet my hair to some leave-in conditioner in it. My hair turned to mush. It was a giant poofy mess — no curls, simply tremendous frizzy. The Coca-Cola rinse may work for same-day styling, however my hair’s very fragile, and I would like to have the ability to add product and re-style my hair. I’d in all probability do it as soon as a month, however not each day.



Hair Before: My lengthy hair is really voluminous and wavy.

Hair After: After I first poured the Cgood enoughe on my head within the shower, I expected it to make my hair really feel sticky and stiff. Whereas it did not really feel as tender because it does after I use common shampoo and conditioner in my hair, it felt fairly clean afterward. After I blow-dried my hair, it truly had a bit extra quantity than ordinary, but it surely wasn’t over-the-top. The Cgood enoughe additionally gave my hair some shine, which I beloved. I used to be additionally apprehensive it will make my hair smell bizarre, but it surely did not smell like something.

Last Thoughts: Surprisingly, I favored the outcomes for probably the most half — however not enough to do it usually. It simply did not make that big of a difference.

4. Noelle


Hair Before: I’ve very nice hair. Usually after I shampoo and condition my hair, it finally ends up actually frizzy until I put lots of product in it.

Hair After: My hair was noticeably much less frizzy with out adding any product. I additionally noticed it held a curl higher on the second day.

Last Thoughts: General, the difference wasn’t enough to make it value dealing with shopping for tons of soda and pouring it throughout my hair (and washing my tub) on a regular basis.

Have you ever ever tried the Coca-Cola rinse? Would you try it? Tell us what you think.