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What Is Hair Botox? What to Know About the Frizz-Smoothing Treatment

There is no shortage of hair products that can help smooth frizz, add shine, or make hair look fuller. A prominent in-salon hair treatment, nonetheless, might be the secret to all of the above, as well as then some: hair Botox.

Similar to the way wrinkle reducers like Xeomin or Botox Cosmetic smooth penalty lines on the skin for a few months, hair Botox serves as a semipermanent deep conditioner, smoothing hair for about the very same length of time. Otherwise, both therapies could not be a lot more different; in fact, hair Botox is in fact a lot more pertaining to one more popular treatment. “It’s extremely similar to a keratin treatment, except it does not have extreme chemicals,” Cedric, master hairdresser as well as owner of Cedric Salon at the Lotte New York Palace resort, discusses.

To find out more about this trending treatment, we get the scoop from Cedric, as well as 2 even more hair pros. Ahead, they break down what hair Botox is, who should get it, as well as how much it costs.

What Is Hair Botox, Exactly?

For starters, it’s means less invasive than it appears. According to Cedric, hair Botox “provides deep conditioning as well as layers the hair with fillers like keratin, filling in broken places.” This procedure helps achieve the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

“There are no needles,” Cedric states. “Some brand names do utilize a phony ‘needle’ to apply the product on the hair, but it’s just for show,” Cedric clarifies.

“Unlike obtaining injected in the face, hair Botox is simply making use of a deep-conditioning treatment to fix damages and extend hair wellness. It’s also essential to note that there isn’t just one type of hair Botox; various formulas can be used for different hair kinds and also appearances.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Botox?

Hair Botox formulas vary, they’re all comparable in that they instill hair with lots of nourishing and strengthening active ingredients. “The treatment contains vitamins like B5 that will bring oxygen to the scalp for healthy hair and also all-natural fats like omega-3 to provide volume to the hair,” Raven Hurtado, a hairstylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, claims.

Think of it as a high-octane deep conditioner that leaves hair looking fuller, healthier, and smoother. “Some advantages can consist of repairing exterior and also internal damage, fending off humidity, improving shade, as well as decreasing the impacts old hair,” Page claims.

It might seem similar to a keratin treatment on paper, there are some crucial differences. Particularly, hair Botox does not launch formaldehyde– which the CDC specifies as a recognized carcinogen– when used. “The distinction in between hair Botox and also a routine keratin treatment is that hair Botox is nonchemical and also even more of a conditioning treatment to revitalize and also fix dry, damaged hair, as well as additionally plump up the hair to bring it back to life,” Hurtado claims. “A keratin treatment includes extra chemicals that are put on make hair smoother, relaxed, and frizz totally free.”

Is Hair Botox Safe for All Hair Types?

Yes, and nearly everyone can gain from hair Botox. “This treatment can be done on all hair types as well as is finest for anybody who would certainly such as more sparkle as well as less frizz,” Cedric claims. “It’s especially great for damaged hair, because it smooths and reinforces.”

Once more, the primary factor some stylists (and clients) might prefer hair Botox to a keratin treatment is the chemical make-up of the item itself. Hurtado says it’s likewise safe for expectant clients and also adds that “it’s nonchemical, so you’re not inhaling fumes.”

The Length Of Time Does Hair Botox Last?

Hair Botox is semipermanent. “The benefits can last as much as two to four months depending exactly how commonly you wash your hair,” Hurtado states. To assist expand the life of your treatment, she also suggests utilizing a hair mask as soon as a week to keep moisture and level of smoothness.

How Much Does Hair Botox Cost?

In addition to its other many advantages, hair Botox can also be rather more economical than a keratin treatment (which can set you back upwards of $400). Depending on where you go, “it can range from $25 to $150 relying on which product is utilized,” Page claims, adding that it may be offered as either an add-on or a primary solution at beauty parlors.

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