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What is suspected about the disappearance of Julian Sands while hiking

The latest in a series of storms that have created perilous conditions in southern California in the past week, has created serious problems for celebrities who make their homes in the sunny United States, and where the mecca of cinema and entertainment. Now the world has its eyes on the mountains of California, concerned about the disappearance of British actor Julian Sands .

California is the appropriate state to live a quiet life if you are rich and famous. This is what Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle thought when they decided to settle in the United States, but the negative side of this is that they were one of those possibly affected by the torrential rains that forced them to evacuate their homes . However, in the case of actor Julian Sands ,  the situation is much more worrying and truly terrifying after the authorities confirmed his disappearance last Friday while he was hiking.

Julian Sands, star of several Oscar-nominated films including “A Room With a View” and most recently as Jor-El in Smallville seasons 9 and 10, among many other major productions, has been missing for five days after hiking in the mountains north of Los Angeles The latest information on the artist dates from last Friday and places him in the Baldy Bowl area in the midst of bad weather in the San Gabriel Mountains, and due to the severity of the weather, two other hikers have recently been reported dead in the area. , which has everyone extremely worried about the star.

Julian Sands, 65, born in Yorkshire, UK; was reported missing and search and rescue teams have been looking for him in the San Gabriel Mountains area, about 40 miles (about 65 kilometers) northeast of downtown Los Angeles, but had to suspend ground efforts due to to trail conditions and avalanche risks, and have not been able to resume since.

Friends of the actor have raised concerns after the news was confirmed, when the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department stated that his vehicle was located in a parking lot, where it is believed he left it before setting out on his walk British actor Samuel West wrote on Twitter: “Please may Julian Sands be well. A friend and an inspiration. Bad news.” Meanwhile, film producer Cassian Elwes said he was “devastated” adding that he had “said a lot of prayers”.

For weeks, California has been battered by deadly storms, to the point that President Joe Biden issued a disaster declaration. The sheriff’s department also said that when conditions were safer for rescuers, they would resume the search for Julian Sands, adding that 14 calls had been responded to in and around Mount San Antonio, known locally as Mount Baldy. during the last four weeks. Hikers were warned to “stay clear” of that area.

Representatives for Julian Sands did not immediately respond to emails from the media seeking comment or more details. The actor, who now resides in North Hollywood, has spoken in the past about his love of hiking and mountaineering. When asked in a Guardian interview in 2020 what made him happy, he replied: “Near the top of a mountain on a glorious cold morning.”


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