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What we really suspected about the love couple of actress Emma Myers

Although Emma Myers is known for her participation in films such as “A Taste of Christmas” (2020) and “Girl in the Basement” (2021), she undoubtedly achieved international recognition for her recent role in the Netflix series, Merlina. The 20-year-old actress plays Enid Sinclair, Merlina’s (Jenna Ortega) best friend and Nevermore Academy roommate, as well as a colour-loving young lycanthrope who was unable to fully transform until the end of the film. First season.

Due to her personality and her closeness to the protagonist of Merlina, Enid has become one of the fan-favorite characters. Therefore, they are interested in learning more details about the actress who plays her. In addition, from her age and her filmography, Emma Myers followers are interested in knowing details of her private life.

Who is the current partner of actress Emma Myers?

The actress who has also appeared on shows like “Dead of Night” and “The Baker and the Beauty” is currently single . If she has a love relationship, she keeps it a secret, since there is no news about it. Although she shares several photos of herself on her official Instagram account, where she has more than 6 million followers, there is no post that hints at the beginnings of a romance. However, some associate her with her co-star in Merlina, Jenna Ortega.

Is Emma Myers dating Jenna Ortega ? Like their characters in the hit Netflix series, both actresses are close in real life. They spend time together and comment on her posts on Instagram and TikTok. However, they have not confirmed a love relationship. At a press conference, Jenna Ortega spoke to Pride about Wenclair, the nickname given to the alleged couple.


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