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What we suspected about the relationship between Princess Diana and Michael Jackson

Princess Diana ‘s personality is what made her so relatable with commoners and why the public loved her. It’s also why so many famous people wanted to be friends with her, especially the famous ones. She was photographed with Liza Minelli and often dated Elton John. There is also a great story of how Freddie Mercury dressed Lady Di like a “beautiful young man” and took her clubbing.

Just as the Netflix series “The Crown” depicted Princess Diana’s love of dance and music, she also enjoyed it in real life. So the story of Freddie Mercury, where he went virtually unnoticed at the club, makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense that Diana loved Michael Jackson ‘s music and soon became friends with the King of Pop as well.

Princess Diana had a lifelong friendship with Michael Jackson . They became friends due to their mutual love for charity and Lady DI’s love for her songs. And no one could understand what Princess Diana was going through with the media and press as the King of Pop, according to her biography. Jackson made donations to the Prince’s Trust charity and London’s Great Ormand Street Hospital children’s charity, both of which were causes close to Diana’s heart. They met in July 1988, when Princess Diana and now King Charles III attended Jackson’s performance at Wembley Stadium during his Bad tour.

Princess Diana had a lifelong friendship with Michael Jackson

Strangely, Jackson did not perform his song, “Dirty Diana,” when he knew she was in the audience. Even though the song was not about Lady Di, Jackson reportedly did not want to upset the situation and be inappropriate in front of British royalty. However, Diana asked Jackson in a meet and greet if she was going to perform it, and he had to say no. He told Barbara Walters in 1997 that she replied, ” No! I want you to do it. Do it. Do the song .” The two stuck together. Princess Diana and Michael Jackson ‘s friendship remained strong through phone calls despite the time difference.

Michael Jackson said in 2003 that Lady Di was “one of the sweetest people” he had ever met and that they could connect in life as public figures. “I don’t think they harassed anyone other than her and me,” Jackson said of the press. While that sounds like a deep friendship, it could have meant more to Michael Jackson . The King of Pop’s former bodyguard of 10 years, Matt Fiddes, said Jackson thought of Princess Diana as his “ideal wife” and claimed that King Charles IIIhe saw it as a “threat”. “[Jackson] felt like she was the only person in the world who could understand her life,” Fiddes said of Diana’s unique understanding of Jackson’s struggles. When Jackson learned of her death, he postponed a scheduled show and dedicated the next performance to Princess Diana.


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