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What we suspected of Marie Avgeropoulos’ abilities behind the scenes of The 100

Canadian actress Marie Avgeropoulos is probably best known for playing the badass Octavia Blake on The CW’s sci-fi collection “The 100.” At the start of the series, which adheres to the citizens of an orbiting room arc 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse, Octavia was a girl put behind bars for the sins of her moms and dads. Having actually been imprisoned her entire life, Octavia was the first to go back to Earth and came to be a free, solid, and also fierce character for the remainder of the collection.

Octavia is quite strong as well as can even be scary at times. As well as the actress who plays her? Is she as challenging as her on-screen equivalent? Marie Avgeropoulos was born upon June 17, 1986 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, in the shadow of the “Sleeping Giant” eating chain. In case her surname wasn’t a telltale sign, Avgeropoulos is of Greek descent. She is proud of her heritage. She often shares images on Instagram of her journeys to Greece or supports Greek colours, creates or sporting activities groups. She likewise reveals her intense love for saganaki, a fried Greek cheese.

Marie Avgeropoulos’s youth was marked by wonderful scenes. Her gorgeous surroundings affected her love of nature and all points outdoors. She grew up camping, hunting, angling, and also having family barbecues at a lake home.

Marie Avgeropoulos has a hidden ability that few know

Marie Avgeropoulos began playing the drums when she was 14, which is late when it comes to discovering a music skill. Playing the drums was one more means for Marie Avgeropoulos to damage into show organization.

In spite of her popularity in the entertainment sector, Marie Avgeropoulos is still quite the rock-‘n’-roll drummer. She developed a band called Praimfaya with castmates and crew from “The 100” and also they play charity drive, goodbye events as well as other concerts, with Marie Avgeropoulos behind the drums. Praimfaya played at the 4th Annual Hunkerdown Christmas Showdown in 2017 at the Maritime Work Center in Vancouver.

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