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What we suspected of the rivalry between Megan Fox and a famous co-star is confirmed

Megan Fox is fairly a debatable star. Before that, Fox’s longstanding feud with “Transformers” director Michael Bay started after she compared Bay to Napoleon and Hitler.

Megan Fox’s tale doesn’t end there. And while Fox’s return to includes starring roles like “Transformers” and “Jennifer’s Body,” she talks for herself, her individual dramatization commonly outshines her specialist success.

Lindsay Lohan might be making a large comeback in Hollywood, but it’s tough to forget her rocky shift from precious youngster star to young socialite. In 2013, when Lohan was in the center of openly combating her, Megan Fox clarified why she had eliminated her Marilyn Monroe tattoo as well as accidentally dragged Lohan down in the process. “I started checking out [Monroe] and realized that her life was unbelievably difficult,” she claimed during a meeting. “It’s like when you picture something for your future. I didn’t wish to visualize something so negative.” Fox proceeded: “She wasn’t powerful at the time. She resembled Lindsay [Lohan] She was an actress that was unreliable, practically uninsurable. She had all the potential in the world, as well as it was squandered.”

The rivalry between Megan Fox and also Lindsay Lohan dates back years

Soon after Megan Fox’s comments, the actress had to take to Facebook to further clarify her contrast, mentioning that while Monroe is taken into consideration an icon today, she was not respected because of this. The very same, for Fox, could be said of Lohan. “Both women were talented starlets, whose all-natural skills were shed among the turmoil and also unrelenting media examination bordering their way of lives and also their battles to stick to studio timetables,” she said at the time, adding:” I definitely really did not imply to demean or slam Lindsay.”

While it’s wonderful that Megan Fox was able to clarify her remarks regarding Lindsay Lohan, her statement comes off a little in a different way when you look back on their specialist rivalry. Fox and also Lohan teamed up for the film “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” in 2004, as well as they apparently did not like each other.

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