Who is Bella Thorne’s New Fiancé, Benjamin Mascolo?

Who Is Bella Thorne Engaged To? What to Know About Benjamin Mascolo, Everything you need to know about Bella Thorne,s new fiancé, Benjamin Mascolo.

They’re pretty much the real-life Lizzie McGuire and Paolo.

Bella Thorne is engaged! is engaged! The actress and singer revealed the exciting news on Instagram, showing off her huge pear-shaped diamond ring. Many, though, didn’t even know the 23-year-old had a new guy in her life. Well, she’s actually been dating her fiancé, 27-year-old Benjamin Mascolo for awhile now. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Benjamin and his relationship with Bella.

1. He’s Italian.

Benjamin is from Modena, Italy and he spent some time in Hobart, Tasmania, off the coast of Australia while studying at Roslyn College.

Recently, Ben has been spending half of the year in Italy and half in California. “For the moment I’m happy like that,” he told Icon Magazine.

During the beginning of quarantine, though, Ben and Bella were separated, as he was in Italy and she was in California. After five months apart, Bella and Ben were finally reunited in July 2020.

2. He’s a musician.

While he was previously part of pop duo Benji & Fede with fellow Italian artist Frederico Rossi, these days, Benjamin is working on his solo career, releasing music under the name B3N.

Bella even recently starred in Ben’s music video for the song, “finché le stelle non brillano.”

3. The couple met at Coachella.

Ben revealed to Icon, that he met Bella two years ago in April 2019 at Coachella. “I immediately knew she was different from all the other women I met in my life,” he said.

“About one year ago, out of the blue you landed like a UFO alien in my very normal Italian popstar life and f****d up all the plans I had for a outrageous Coachella weekend and summer in Ibiza and Mykonos,” Benjamin wrote in an Instagram post.

He continued, writing, “God bless the moment I put aside my shyness to randomly text you and say ‘let’s hang out.'”

4. He and Bella are staring in a film together.

According to Ben, he and Bella recently finished shooting a movie together, Time is Up. This was Ben’s first time acting and he admitted that he was unsure about it at first, though Bella convinced him to do it.

Time is Up shot in Italy in the fall and tells the story of two high school seniors with very different personalities, and their journey together.

5. He has a ton of tats.

Benjamin is fully covered in ink and Bella is totally into it.

“They’re all pretty hot,” she in a video for Vanity Fair Italy. “I love your tats. I love that when we first met, one of the things I noticed, he has ‘patience’ and ‘balance’ on his hands, which is two things that I talk about needing so much more in my life all the time. So it’s kind of like the universe gave me something that I really needed to look at.”