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Why Chris Hemsworth Had a Romantic Date With an Older Woman

When a doctor broke the news to actor Chris Hemsworth last year that, due to his genes, he has an eight to 10 times higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease , the actor admitted that what he fears most is losing all memory. of your loved ones. The ‘Thor’ actor discovered that he has two copies of the APOE4 gene, both coming from both of his parents, so his risks are extremely high. Because of this, Hemsworth announced that he would be taking time off from acting.

But what is now making news is the gesture of Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky , after learning of this genetic predisposition. To help him deal with the news, his 46-year-old wife Elsa transformed herself into an old woman in the hope that it would at least give him a chance to see what her wife would look like in the future, should she ever arrive. to develop the condition.

Working with the team behind “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth,” the Disney+ series in which the actor explores the limits of the human body; Elsa dressed up as an 87-year-old version of herself to ease Chris Hemsworth ‘s fears about aging, using prosthetics, wig, clothes and makeup to prepare a surprise for her husband.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth was told he was meeting a slightly older female fan. In the clip that has now gone viral on social media, Chris is seen arriving at a restaurant in a suit and tie after being told he was there to meet an elderly female fan, but when he arrives at the table he meets an 87-year-old woman whom he immediately recognizes as his wife and the two share a kiss and hug. “You’re still beautiful,” Chris tells Elsa with teary eyes.

It was a relief for Elsa to hear these sweet words as she was afraid to show her husband her older appearance. “Aging is scary especially [for] women in this society. It made me think about how much value we place on youth”, the Spanish model had previously admitted. “I feel really vulnerable and I don’t want Chris to see me like that.” But in the clip it looks like Chris Hemsworth can’t take his eyes off her. He constantly looks into her eyes and puts her hands on her shoulders. The two are later shown dancing the night away.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Chris Hemsworth said: “Most of us like to avoid talking about death in the hopes of avoiding it somehow. We all have this belief that we will figure it out. Then all of a sudden I’m told that some major indicators actually point to this as the route that’s going to happen, reality sinks. Your own mortality.” Reflecting on his time with his wife, Chris explains that getting older is less scary when you have people by your side: “What’s quite confronting is approaching that age on my own. What makes it less scary is having someone to experience it with. Having people around you that you love makes me feel much more tolerant.”


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